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We celebrate Maslyana and meet spring!

The tradition to celebrate Maslyana (Pancake week) dates back to ancient times when our ancestors connected the beginning of the new year with the agricultural calendar and welcomed joyfully the long-awaited spring days. The tradition of baking pancakes is associated with this holiday because pancakes' shape and colour are like the caressing sun.
The Reading Room of Social Science and Humanities prepared a special installation and a book exhibition: "Genekous Maslyana" dedicated to this holiday where readers and guests of the library can look through literature on local history, national peculiarities of Ukrainian holidays and customs of celebrating the Pancake Week, find various recipes of pancakes, varenyki and dumplings.
The greatest attention was drawn to the book "Recipes for Happy Kitchen" by O.T.Starchenko. In this popular science publication you can find the rules of table serving, etiquette advice, recipes for every taste, useful tips and small culinary tricks.
And how you can celebrate Maslyana without tasty pancakes!
On 27.02.2020 in "Rozgulyai readers were welcomed and treated hospitably with delicious pancakes with honey, strawberry, raspberry and pear jam. The holiday lasted. There were no pancakes on the table and that meant the holiday had been a success.

The exhibition and material were prepared by Syuh O.M.

Sincere thanks to our readers and, of course, to my colleagues for help in organizing and participating in Maslyana celebration.

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