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The History of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University. 1918–2018 / Ed. сorresponding member of the NAS of Ukraine Prof. M. V. Polyakov (head of the Editorial Board). – Fifth edition (revised and expanded). – Dnipro: Lira, 2018. – 416 p., 20 ill.
The collective monograph describes the conditions and, history of the foundation and complex activities of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University that is one of the most famous classical higher education institutions in Ukraine. It focuses upon the educational process, research work, education of specialists, international cooperation, strengthening of material and technical base. The contemporary history and present development of DNU is carefully considered. It is for desinned scholars, academics, educators, students, postgraduate students, secondary school teachers, general readeship interested in education and science of Ukraine and the Dnipro region in particular.


February 15, 2019 marks 30 years from the date of troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Afghan campaign lasted for more than 9 years and left an incurable wound in the hearts of those who participated in hostilities, who lost friends, sons or parents. These are more than 160,000 Ukrainian soldiers, 12,000 of which were injured and contused and 3360 did not return home.
The thirtieth anniversary of troops' withdrawal from Afghanistan is an important event in the lives of all who fulfilled their international duty for sake of peace. The exhibition "Hidden War" devoted to this date is presented in scientific literature department. It shows the literature of the late 1980s - early 1990s highlighting the events of February 1989. More...


«Taste of fragrant coffee»

1On January 31, a regular meeting was held in Women's Academy club. The meeting had the theme – "Taste of fragrant coffee". The participants talked about history of coffee, types of coffee trees, useful and harmful properties of coffee, as well as how to cook the drink and what are the devices for its brewing. The stories were illustrated by a thematic exposition. More...



To the attention of users of natural, technical and economic sciences reading room!

The scientific library invites everyone to get acquainted with the magazine exposition presented in the reading room of natural, technical and economic sciences (room 419).
The exhibition "To help the teacher" will tell about mental and psychological health of children of all ages. On the pages of "Women's Health in Ukraine" magazine readers will find answers to many questions related to upbringing of children. Qualified psychologists will tell parents and teachers how to help children in different situations, increase self-esteem, develop independence and ability to listen to others. And then any difficulties will be overcome! More...


1The Scientific Library sincerely congratulates the employees of Dnipro Yarovnitsky National Historical Museum on the 170th anniversary!
In honour of this date, the book exhibition "The Museum and the City" is being shown at the department of scientific literature. Users and guests of the library have an opportunity to read interesting publications about history of the museum and people standing near its origins, such as A.Ya. Fabr – the governor of Katerinoslav province, Ya.D. Grahov – a director of the gymnasium, O.M. Paul – a historian, maecenas and entrepreneur, and of course, the legendary director, academician Dmitry Ivanovich Yavornytsky, after whom the museum is named nowadays. More...


Women and perfumes

On the 28th of December a regular meeting was held in "Women's Academy" club. The meeting had the topic "Women and perfumes." The participants told about history of perfume, how to choose and “wear” perfume, how to use aromatherapy to improve health. More...


Magazine exposition of Reading Hall of Natural, Technical and Economic sciences (Room 419)

The scientific library invites everyone to get acquainted with the magazine exposition presented in the reading room of natural, technical and economic sciences (room 419). More...


9th December

Charity Day

Charity is a form of disinterested help and often becomes the “lifebelt” that allows you to cope with a difficult situation. For this reason, on December 13, 2007, the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 1220/2007 established a separate official holiday - the Day of Charity. On this day, we remember the words of the Holy Scripture, which say that it is more blessed to give than to receive. The life of modern libraries in the world is also associated with patronage, charity and people's donations in the form of books. On the eve of the holiday, the scientific library wants to thank sincerely its donators and wish them health, creative success in all their endeavours and energy to achieve the chosen goal.
Among the most active donators of this year:
Teachers, university staff and readers of the library: Antipenko Anna Sergeevna, Buhno Galina Nikolaevna, Gorodnyuk Natalia Andreyevna, Grachevskaya Tamila Alexandrovna, Zelenska Lyubov Ivanovna, Ivanenko Valentin Vasilievich, Ivanova Svetlana Anatolievna, Ivashenyuk Lubov Yaroslavovna, Kovaleva Irina Fedorovna, Labutkina Tatiana Viktorovna, Levun Nina Vitalevna, Repan Oleg Anatolievich, Sidash Elena, Shevchuk Tatiana Ivanovna; Library staff: Barabanschikova Nina Iosifovna, Bilyk Elena Valerievna, Grybinuk Taisiya Viktorovna, Zaripova Marina Vasilievna, Ivanova Tatiana Stepanovna, Kovalenko Tatiana Viktorovna, Kovaleva Olga Aleksandrovna, Kotenko Viktoria Ivanovna, Kubyshkina Svetlana Vasilievna, Luchka Ludmila Nikolaevna, Mishchenko Lubov Ivanovna, Nikolaevskaya Nina Leonidovna.
Words of gratitude to the deans of the faculties: Popova Irina Stepanovna, Svetlenko Sergey Ivanovich, Shcherbinina Marina Borisovna.


University Heroes

Ко The Department of Scientific Literature has prepared an exposition devoted to the World Student's Day from which modern students can learn about the university students of different years who became a legend. More...


October 25 marks 75 years since liberation of Dnepropetrovsk from the Nazi invaders.

25102018 The events of World War II occupy a special place in the history of the Ukrainian people. The participants of the war, the bearers of its historical memory, those who fought with arms in their hands, studied, worked and restored the country, are still alive. More...



Вітаємо Кубишкіну


Congratulations to the Director of the Scientific Library of the DNU
Svetlana Vasilyevna Kubyshkina
with the award of the badge "For the development of spirituality" from the Dnipropetrovsk regional council to the 100th anniversary of the Oles Honchar DNU

We invite everyone to get acquainted with diversified book collection and periodical funds (more than 2 million volumes), to work with necessary literature, to get information on different issues. (More ...)

You can find the electronic library (e-books, etc.). in the Internet class of the library There is access to the internet via LAN and Wi-Fi.

Take part in the charity event "Give the library a new book."

Your charity will help to update the library collection, to familiarize users with the latest books on various branches of knowledge and interesting fiction.
If you are the author of a new book, do not forget about the library where your creative achievements will be stored and will find recognition among readers.
Donations are  received in Readers servicing department and in The Fiction Department
     Address: Kazakova Street, 8, room 110, room 306.

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