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Dear scientists and staff of Oles Gonchar Dnipro National University!

You can get a free consultation on determining the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) index and author's mark for your research papers. In order to do this qualitatively, please provide the following information:
For articles:
- surname, name and patronymic of the author; faculty and department
- title of the article, abstract, keywords.
For dissertations and abstracts:
- surname, name and patronymic of the author; faculty and department
- title of the dissertation.
- name of the specialty for which the dissertation is defended, title of the article, abstract, keywords.
For book editions:
- surname, name and patronymic of the author; faculty and department (if there are co - authors - the surname of the first author) provided that the names of the authors are indicated on the cover of the book.
- book title, form and definitions of the document: monograph, bibliographic index, reference edition, etc.
- abstract, keywords.


Tourist Ukraine: an unexplored country

2The routine of our life reinforces the desire to travel. Changing circumstances, getting new impressions from what we saw, we perceive in a different way this bright, original world that surrounds us.

      The reading room of social sciences and humanities offers an illustrative exhibition: "Tourist Ukraine: an unexplored country to your attention. We hope it will interest you and you will be able to go on a virtual trip with the picturesque landscapes of Ukraine, where there are many truly unique places where you can spend your summer vacation. More...


Nikolai Prokopovich Vasilenko, Minister of Education and Arts

What do you know about Nikolai Prokopovich Vasilenko, Minister of Education and Arts, who on August 20, 1918 approved the first Charter of Katerinoslav University (now Oles Honchar Dnipro National University).The chairman of the Council of Ministers in the government of Hetman P. Skoropadsky and at the same time acting minister of education and arts, in difficult years of the Ukrainian Revolution, he took care of completing the construction of St.Vladimir Kiev University library, for which he allocated 500 thousand rubles from the state budget. More...



1In early April, the scientific library together with the university community celebrate the birthday of a prominent Ukrainian writer, a graduate of Dnipro National University Oles Terentiyovych Honchar. He was born in Cossack Lomivka on the banks of the Dnieper. It is here that his literary fame began, from here his novels "Modry Stone", "Spring of Morava", "Singer", essay "Graduate Student" and the novel "Flag bearers" left for the world. The creative heritage of the writer is widely represented in the university book collections. The Department of Fiction keeps more than 400 copies of the author's books. The three-volume edition of Oles Honchar's diaries reveals the writer's identity in more detail. More...



1"Books have a destiny" - this epigraph accompanies five issues of the "Catalogue of Old Printed Books", compiled by Evgeny Saminsky, the head of the department of rare books of the scientific library of Dnipro National University. A book is a source of knowledge, human memory and wisdom of thinkers. Among the vast book treasures created by mankind since the beginning of book printing, the ancient ones have a special value - the editions of the 16th - the beginning of the 19th century. The scientific library of our university, having a multimillion collection of multidisciplinary content, preserves unique old printed books published at different times in different countries in different languages.


3On March 6, a regular meeting of the Women's Academy club took place. The theme of the meeting was Chocolate Temptation. Chocolate is so various, but it is always delicious and it is a precious gift to all humanity. Now it is at the peak of its popularity, so this topic is interesting to most people. The participants' stories about the history of chocolate origin, about its healthy and unhealthy properties and about types of chocolate were very interesting to the audience. Chocolate products are surprisingly attractive and varied: sweets, chocolate drinks, chocolate bars and cakes - all these cause gastronomic ecstasy! More...


World Rivers Day

1March 14 is World Rivers Day. The initiator of this event was the American environmental organization International Network of Rivers. The main goal of the holiday is to unite the efforts of people around the world to protect river ecosystems. By this date the scientific literature department prepared the exhibition “Preservation of Natural Heritage”, which presents literature in various fields: protection and preservation of Ukraine’s water resources, history and hydrobiology of small rivers, water, aquaculture and others. More...


We celebrate Maslyana and meet spring!

1 The tradition to celebrate Maslyana (Pancake week) dates back to ancient times when our ancestors connected the beginning of the new year with the agricultural calendar and welcomed joyfully the long-awaited spring days. The tradition of baking pancakes is associated with this holiday because pancakes' shape and colour are like the caressing sun.
The Reading Room of Social Science and Humanities prepared a special installation and a book exhibition dedicated to this holiday where readers and guests of the library can look through literature on local history, national peculiarities of Ukrainian holidays and customs of celebrating the Pancake Week, find various recipes of pancakes, varenyki and dumplings. Більше...



We express our sincere gratitude to Baysar Lyudmila Ivanovna, director of the Regional Center for Foreign Languages of Dnipro National University for donating a new book by John McCain and Mark Salter "The Restless Wave" (2020) and an interesting publication "Women who light the dark" by American author Paola Gianturco. More...




The Mitzic family’s gift

The university is proud of its outstanding scientists, and the library is proud of its devoted readers. That was exactly Leonid Pavlovich Mitsik - a geobotanist, ecologist, doctor of biological sciences, professor of the department of geobotany, soil science and ecology and a regular reader of the library with more than 30 years of experience. During his lifetime, the professor visited the library very often and repeatedly presented us books and magazines in various fields of knowledge. Today the family of Leonid Pavlovich – his wife, daughter and granddaughters continue this tradition. They presented our library a very pleasant and valuable gift – a significant book collection from the professor’s library. These are more than 200 professional publications on biology, ecology, soil science and research on peat and lawns. In memory of Leonid Pavlovich Mitsik, we are very grateful for this gift and believe that it will be useful to many students and scientists of Ukraine, and the scientist’s work will be the best monument to his fruitful life.


Meeting with art

On December 13, 2019, "Meeting with Art" event was held in the Scientific Library. It was dedicated to the 145th anniversary of N.K.Roerich's birth, the 140th anniversary of E.I. Roerich's birth and the 115th anniversary of S.M.Roerich's birth. We want to thank heartily Dnepropetrovsk Roerich society for their help in preparing and for their comprehensive support. It was nice to receive gifts. Thanks to Olga Gubka for the opportunity to get acquainted with the creative work of the Roerich family. During the event, Olga Alexandrovna showed an interesting video about the Roerich family and presented "The Life and Creative Work of S. Roerich and His Meeting with the Designers of Yuzhnoye Design Office" under the Intercosmos program. More...


On November 22, a regular meeting was held at the Women's Academy club. It was dedicated to Petrykivka painting. Tatyana Pronina, a teacher of the art school, was the guest of the club. She demonstrated her works and held a small workshop for the library staff. Everybody discovered extraordinary talents and inspiration while painting the cards which Tatyana Vasilievna prepared for them. Despite the lack of experience, the works were quite bright and individual. More...


November 21 is the Day of Dignity and Freedom

The Scientific Library invites to visit the book and magazine exhibition "Maidan. The Face of Freedom" presented in the reading room of social sciences and humanities (room 406).
Ukraine's Maidan 2013-2014 became a symbol of struggle, a symbol of affirmation of the Ukrainians aspiring to European values, and for this struggle, for our freedom and renewal we paid a terrible price. The best, most of them young, just started to live were the ones who gave their lives.
Books, photos, periodicals reflecting the events taken place since the first days of Ukraine's Maidan are presented to users' attention. The photo chronicle is open for the section "Maidan: pages of living history".

1  2


 On November 7, the scientific library was visited by two groups of students of the 8th grade of Dnipro Lyceum of Information Technologies at DNU. A cheerful youthful crowd filled the wide lobby of the library, and as the excursion began, the first noise was gradually replaced by the silence of interest. Young visitors saw the first books of Katerynoslav, namely encyclopedias, scientific publications and textbooks of the late 19th century on history, geography, mathematics etc. The oldest books, which were lifetime editions of Taras Shevchenko and Ivan Kotlyarevsky dating back to the 16th - 17th centuries, were presented to the students.


Autumn. A moving time ...

Yellow leaves burning with gold glitter, maples burning with crimsom and red bunches of mountain ash trees.
Autumn fascinates us with bright colors and beautiful lyric poems.
A book-illustrated exhibition "Colorful Autumn" and a book-illustrated installation "Magical Autumn Visited Us" are presented in the reading room of social sciences and humanities.
Welcome to the exhibition (room 406, 4th floor). We are sure everyone will feel light sadness and slight nostalgia, the sun through clouds, colorful chrysanthemums and yellow leaves, bright spider webs of Indian summer, which, like silver strings, are touched by the wind and a magic symphony, which can be called one word Autumn will sound ...
And just in the library the autumn depressing mood is changed to the real autumn mood. Everyone will choose a book for himself and the autumn will get warmer. Welcome!

The material was prepared by A.N. Sukh (reading room of social sciences and humanities)


«Dnieper gatherings»

On September 14, our city Dnepr celebrated its 243rd birthday. On this occasion, a compact entertainment ground was organized in the city center. There were a lot of interesting locations. The library was present in the Heroes' Square, where "Big Dnipro gatherings" took place. More...


This meeting is a good opportunity to present the work of the university library staff to potential users and provide useful information to future university students. More...


МоссаковскийThe Legend of the University

August 27 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of a world-famous scientist, full member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, USSR State Prize laureate, the first Hero of Socialist Labour among rectors of Ukrainian universities, the rector who held this position for the longest period in the history of the university - 22 years - Vladimir Ivanovich Mossakovsky.
About Vladimir Ivanovich, as an extremely talented and extraordinary person, much was written and many legends were told and composed. More...


Reading in summer

Summer and reading is an extensive topic. To read, not to read, to read little by little - the range of opportunities for people on vacation is large. But we are convinced that it is necessary to read at any time and summer - not an exception because in the modern world the acquisition of knowledge never ends, and in the summer too. More...

We invite everyone to get acquainted with diversified book collection and periodical funds (more than 2 million volumes), to work with necessary literature, to get information on different issues. (More ...)

You can find the electronic library (e-books, etc.). in the Internet class of the library There is access to the internet via LAN and Wi-Fi.

Take part in the charity event "Give the library a new book."

Your charity will help to update the library collection, to familiarize users with the latest books on various branches of knowledge and interesting fiction.
If you are the author of a new book, do not forget about the library where your creative achievements will be stored and will find recognition among readers.
Donations are  received in Readers servicing department and in The Fiction Department
     Address: Kazakova Street, 8, room 110, room 306.

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