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 On November 7, the scientific library was visited by two groups of students of the 8th grade of Dnipro Lyceum of Information Technologies at DNU. A cheerful youthful crowd filled the wide lobby of the library, and as the excursion began, the first noise was gradually replaced by the silence of interest. Young visitors saw the first books of Katerynoslav, namely encyclopedias, scientific publications and textbooks of the late 19th century on history, geography, mathematics etc. The oldest books, which were lifetime editions of Taras Shevchenko and Ivan Kotlyarevsky dating back to the 16th - 17th centuries, were presented to the students.


Autumn. A moving time ...

Yellow leaves burning with gold glitter, maples burning with crimsom and red bunches of mountain ash trees.
Autumn fascinates us with bright colors and beautiful lyric poems.
A book-illustrated exhibition "Colorful Autumn" and a book-illustrated installation "Magical Autumn Visited Us" are presented in the reading room of social sciences and humanities.
Welcome to the exhibition (room 406, 4th floor). We are sure everyone will feel light sadness and slight nostalgia, the sun through clouds, colorful chrysanthemums and yellow leaves, bright spider webs of Indian summer, which, like silver strings, are touched by the wind and a magic symphony, which can be called one word Autumn will sound ...
And just in the library the autumn depressing mood is changed to the real autumn mood. Everyone will choose a book for himself and the autumn will get warmer. Welcome!

The material was prepared by A.N. Sukh (reading room of social sciences and humanities)


«Dnieper gatherings»

On September 14, our city Dnepr celebrated its 243rd birthday. On this occasion, a compact entertainment ground was organized in the city center. There were a lot of interesting locations. The library was present in the Heroes' Square, where "Big Dnipro gatherings" took place. More...


This meeting is a good opportunity to present the work of the university library staff to potential users and provide useful information to future university students. More...


МоссаковскийThe Legend of the University

August 27 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of a world-famous scientist, full member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, USSR State Prize laureate, the first Hero of Socialist Labour among rectors of Ukrainian universities, the rector who held this position for the longest period in the history of the university - 22 years - Vladimir Ivanovich Mossakovsky.
About Vladimir Ivanovich, as an extremely talented and extraordinary person, much was written and many legends were told and composed. More...


Reading in summer

Summer and reading is an extensive topic. To read, not to read, to read little by little - the range of opportunities for people on vacation is large. But we are convinced that it is necessary to read at any time and summer - not an exception because in the modern world the acquisition of knowledge never ends, and in the summer too. More...


International Year of Indigenous Languages

9meyInternational Years is one of the types of special events and memorable dates of the United Nations. The first international year was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1959. In 2019, the United Nations declared the year “Indigenous Languages” to draw attention to the acute problem of the loss of these languages. Indigenous peoples are peoples living in the multi-ethnic societies of independent countries, they are descendants of those who inhabited the country or geographical area of which it is a part. More...


Pushkin and Ukraine

This is the name of the exhibition dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the famous poet. "In the spring of 1820, the great Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin was walking in dusty and deserted Yekaterinoslav streets, which were wildly overgrown with weeds." This is the beginning of a small, but very interesting historical book published in 1959. This book is called “A. Pushkin in Ekaterinoslav " by Yuri Nemchenko, a teacher and an author with considerable experience who wrote many publications in the local periodicals. More...


Holiday of the Ukrainian soul

Vyshyvanka Day in Ukraine

Vyshyvanka Day falls at the end of spring and it means that you can demonstrate elegant national clothes. From year to year this holiday is held on the third Thursday of the last spring month. Thus, Ukraine will meet Vyshyvanka Day 2019 on May 16. An initiative to celebrate Vyshyvanka Day was firstly made in 2006 by a student of Chernivtsi National University Lesya Voronyuk. Her friend who constantly wore vyshyvanka inspired her to this idea. One day the girl offered her fellow students to come to class in national shirts. Soon this initiative spread across Ukraine, and now, on a warm spring day, people wearing national Ukrainian clothes can be seen on the streets of many cities in the country more often. More...


9meyScientific Library honors University Heroes

May 9 marks 74 years since the victory over Nazism in World War II. The department of scientific literature prepared "Heroes of the University" exhibition devoted to this date. At the very beginning of the war, on June 23, 1941, a general university meeting was held, at which a resolution was adopted. The resolution said that the teacher staff and students consider it their duty to defend the Motherland. More than 600 people were called to military service or went to the front voluntarily. Among the first were professors - A.V. Novoselov, A.K. Vasilevsky, M.D. Sukhonosenko; associate professors - M.I. Alkhimov, G.P. Bystritsky, I.P. Lubyanov, D.P. Poida, teachers and assistants - M.R. Mironov, D.G. Yurko, A.I. Zemlyanoy, A.D. Reva, S.P. Fediy, Y.A. Boiko. More..




Dear teachers and students of the Faculty of Medical Technologies, Diagnostics and Rehabilitation! The scientific library invites you to visit the exhibition of professional journals, which is presented in the reading room of natural, technical and economic sciences (room 419).








165th anniversary of Yuzhnoye Design Office

The department of scientific literature has prepared an exhibition of books devoted to the anniversary of Yuzhnoye Design Office, which presents publications telling about outstanding rocket-builders of Dnipro and Ukraine, about formation and activities of its space industry. April 10, 2019 marks 65 years since the establishment of Yuzhnoye State Design Office named after M.K.Yangel. More...



den_teatruWorld Theatre Day (WTD) is celebrated annually on March 27 since 1962. World Theatre Day was initiated in 1961 in Vienna at the 9th Congress of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) under UNESCO.
Life is changing, but theater still awakens good feelings, raises a person over ordinary, contributes to humanization of society, forms aesthetic taste and broadens the mind.
Whether we listen to opera, or enjoy the skill and grace of ballet dancers or watch a play of dramatic actors with spiritual trembling - we always feel the special atmosphere of celebration, spirituality and high culture. More...


To the 90th anniversary of the birth of M.P. Kovalsky

1With love and respect the scientific library presents a jubilee exhibition to the 90th anniversary of Nikolai Pavlovich Kovalsky's birthday, doctor of historical sciences, professor of Dnipro National University, honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine, academician of International Slavic Academy of Sciences (USA), scientific work vice rector of Ostroh Academy, the chairman of the Ostroh branch of the Ukrainian Historical Society, the head of Ostroh branch of M.S.Hrushevsky Institute of Archeography and Source Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the founder of modern source studies scientific school.
Nikolai Pavlovich has a special place among prominent figures of the national science however, the value of an individual is determined not so much by positions but the qualities which are revealed in the service for the common good. The evidence of this is significant scientific achievements of Nikolay Pavlovich: more than 529 printed works: 28 postgraduate students and doctoral students defended their research works under his supervision. He brought up the whole pleiad of historians including G.K. Shvydko, A.G.Bolebruch, S.M.Plohiy, Yu.A. Mitsik, V.A .Brehunenko, Yu.A. Svyatets, V.I.Voronov. For his active work he was awarded an Excellence in Education of Ukraine badge and a Medal of the President of Ukraine the "Defender of the Motherland". For the whole generation of Ukrainian historians he was not only an example of scientific conscientiousness, devotion to his work, wild energy and professional enthusiasm. He was and he remains the Great Teacher.


March 14 marks Ukrainian Volunteer Day. On this day the Scientific Library hosted a creative meeting with Vladimir Timchuk, a Ukrainian poet, writer, translator, officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, lieutenant colonel, candidate of technical sciences and senior researcher, B. Khmelnitsky award laureate for the best coverage of military subjects in works of literature and art (2016). Volodymyr Tymchuk told about his creative biography and shared his thoughts about life.
"When the war with Russia began, I felt that I needed to write something ... I felt the public's request for this. But at the same time I could not start writing for a long time - about half a year, says Vladimir Timchuk. - So in the beginning I plunged into the world of British trench poetry of the First World War. I started to translate ...»
"Fire! Survive! Win!" which he presented at this event. At the end of the meeting Volodymyr Tymchuk presented his books to the Scientific Library. The meeting was held in an informal, friendly atmosphere. The staff of the library wished the author creative success and grateful readers.
At the end of the meeting, Vladimir Timchuk presented his books to the DNU Scientific Library.
The meeting took place in an informal, friendly atmosphere. The library team wished the author creative success and grateful readers.


   A woman is a mystery which men can not solve for centuries. But as most representatives of the fair sex believe, they do not need to be solved – it is just enough to love and to take care of them. It already became a wonderful tradition to give women flowers on the International Women's Day. What do we know about flowers? They are beautiful plants that accompany a person at all stages of his life. Different kinds of flowers have different symbols - confession in love, manifestations of loyalty, friendship, respect, and even memory. Cultivating and growing flowers began more than 4 thousand years ago in Egypt. Flowers have their own symbolism. More...


Dear women, dear colleagues!

Please accept our sincere congratulations on a wonderful spring holiday - International Women's Day March 8!
We sincerely wish you warmth, spring mood, family well-being, peace, prosperity, creative inspiration!
For the holiday of Spring, Beauty and Love in the reading room of the social sciences and humanities a book and magazine exhibition was prepared: "Woman is the pride and greatness of the world" and installation exhibition: "Beautiful faces of the twentieth century."
Welcome to our reading room (r. 406) to get acquainted with the exhibition. More...

The material was prepared by an employee of the library Syukh O. M.


Non-standard lecture format

1 On February 14, first year students (14 people) of the chemical faculty (specialty "Food Technologies") were invited to the department of rare books. A non-standard lecture on the topic "Cuisine of the World" was given to them.
In the first part of the lecture the deputy director told about rare and contemporary editions concerning the topic of the lesson. In particular, she showed the textbooks which were used by the students of Katerinoslav Real College. A unique copy of «Chemical technology" series (1871) and materials of winemakers' congress (1902) were presented.
The second part of the event was devoted to the review of scientific and popular scientific literature of national cuisines of Ukraine and China. The head of science literature department presented books with interesting content and design containing ancient and unusual recipes as well as reprinted editions of ancient books and new literature on cooking which the library has recently received. More...


February 15, 2019 marks 30 years from the date of troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Afghan campaign lasted for more than 9 years and left an incurable wound in the hearts of those who participated in hostilities, who lost friends, sons or parents. These are more than 160,000 Ukrainian soldiers, 12,000 of which were injured and contused and 3360 did not return home.
The thirtieth anniversary of troops' withdrawal from Afghanistan is an important event in the lives of all who fulfilled their international duty for sake of peace. The exhibition "Hidden War" devoted to this date is presented in scientific literature department. It shows the literature of the late 1980s - early 1990s highlighting the events of February 1989. More...


«Taste of fragrant coffee»

1On January 31, a regular meeting was held in Women's Academy club. The meeting had the theme – "Taste of fragrant coffee". The participants talked about history of coffee, types of coffee trees, useful and harmful properties of coffee, as well as how to cook the drink and what are the devices for its brewing. The stories were illustrated by a thematic exposition. More...



To the attention of users of natural, technical and economic sciences reading room!

The scientific library invites everyone to get acquainted with the magazine exposition presented in the reading room of natural, technical and economic sciences (room 419).
The exhibition "To help the teacher" will tell about mental and psychological health of children of all ages. On the pages of "Women's Health in Ukraine" magazine readers will find answers to many questions related to upbringing of children. Qualified psychologists will tell parents and teachers how to help children in different situations, increase self-esteem, develop independence and ability to listen to others. And then any difficulties will be overcome! More...


1The Scientific Library sincerely congratulates the employees of Dnipro Yarovnitsky National Historical Museum on the 170th anniversary!
In honour of this date, the book exhibition "The Museum and the City" is being shown at the department of scientific literature. Users and guests of the library have an opportunity to read interesting publications about history of the museum and people standing near its origins, such as A.Ya. Fabr – the governor of Katerinoslav province, Ya.D. Grahov – a director of the gymnasium, O.M. Paul – a historian, maecenas and entrepreneur, and of course, the legendary director, academician Dmitry Ivanovich Yavornytsky, after whom the museum is named nowadays. More...


Women and perfumes

On the 28th of December a regular meeting was held in "Women's Academy" club. The meeting had the topic "Women and perfumes." The participants told about history of perfume, how to choose and “wear” perfume, how to use aromatherapy to improve health. More...

We invite everyone to get acquainted with diversified book collection and periodical funds (more than 2 million volumes), to work with necessary literature, to get information on different issues. (More ...)

You can find the electronic library (e-books, etc.). in the Internet class of the library There is access to the internet via LAN and Wi-Fi.

Take part in the charity event "Give the library a new book."

Your charity will help to update the library collection, to familiarize users with the latest books on various branches of knowledge and interesting fiction.
If you are the author of a new book, do not forget about the library where your creative achievements will be stored and will find recognition among readers.
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