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Opening hours of the library in May 2021

May 1, 2, 9 - holidays (сlosed)
May 3, 4, 10 - weekend (closed)


ПоляковMay 1 marks the 75th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Viktorovich Polyakov (1946-2020) - a scientist-mechanic and mathematician, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, rector of DNU (1998-2020).

Mykola Viktorovych was one of the leading scientists in Ukraine in the field of liquids and gases research. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal "Dnipropetrovsk University Bulletin", author and co-author of more than 500 works, including 14 monographs, 12 textbooks and 2 textbooks. His scientific work is well known not only in Ukraine but also abroad (the USA, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Ireland, China, Israel, France). More...


The International World Theatre Day

March 27 is the International World Theatre Day established in 1961 on the initiative of the delegates of the Congress IX of the International Institute of Theatre at UNESCO.
This day is traditionally held under the motto “Theatre as a means of mutual understanding and strengthening peace between peoples”. It is not only a professional holiday of the masters of scene, but it is a holiday of millions of spectators.
The art of the theatre is multifaceted and varied. It helps mutual understanding and enrichment of the inner world of each person. More...


Magic of the Needle – Poetry of the SoulLovely women, dear colleagues!
We congratulate you on the wonderful holiday – the 8th of March!

We wish you warmth of the heart, good health, spring mood, happiness, love, well-being, creative inspiration! On the occasion of the Spring holiday in the reading room of social and human sciences a hobby-exhibition "Magic of the Needle – Poetry of the Soul" was prepared.
Embroidering is an ancient art, which is appreciated, passed down from generation to generation, carefully guarded. The beauty of each embroidered work either with threads or beads, is unique, and the embroidery technique itself with its varieties has a lot of centuries. Embroidered pictures and embroidered things never lose their popularity. And it is clear why. On the one hand, embroidering is an art, on the other – it is a hobby which is available for everyone to embody his or her vision of beauty. It can be done without special knowledge, only the desire to embroider is enough.
Embroidering is a flight of the soul when there is a desire to create and give their fine art to acquaintances, friends and relatives. At the exhibition the works of our colleagues Janina Stets and Olga Syuh are presented.
The exhibition includes pictures of floral motifs. These works captivate with the range of colors and craftsmanship that is conveyed through the composition of the embroidery.
Each work is like a holiday! It is a charming music of nature, the world of good and beauty in "the arm of flower tenderness". We invite you to our reading room (room number 406) to get acquainted with the exhibition and we hope that handicraft beauty of our colleagues raise your mood!
The material and the exhibition were prepared by the librarian of the 1st category Olga Syuh. We sincerely thank our colleagues Anna Abramova and Janina Stets.


Poetic evening dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka's birth

On February 23, a poetry evening dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka's birth took place in the library of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University. The event was held as a part of "World of Beauty" Art Room.



On February 9, 2021, the world celebrates Safer Internet
Day under the slogan "Together for the best Internet"

1Safer Internet Day has been held annually on the second Tuesday since February 2004 in the European Union under the auspices of the European Commission. World Safer Internet Day has spread beyond the European continent and is already celebrated in more than 120 countries.
In Ukraine, Safer Internet Day has been celebrated since 2009 with the support of Microsoft Ukraine, the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, youth and non-governmental organizations.
The Internet is an integral part of modern life, so this day is held to unite the efforts of society for the safe and responsible use of the Internet technology, especially among students, pupils and children. Celebrating Safer Internet Day, the reading room of social sciences and humanities presents an exhibition - message: "The Internet is a territory of security." More...


On Valerian Pidmohylny Street (To the 120th anniversary of his birth)


There is a street in our city where only two houses are built.  This is in the neighborhood of the former tire factory.  People had been queuing for their apartments for over twenty years. They already lost hope for housewarming parties, then the Union collapsed and the plant was at death's door. Somehow "the stars came together", the plant's management, headed by V.A. Tyutin coped with building of these two buildings.
When the time came to receive the authorizations to the apartments, almost all future residents were in despair: "We waited, waited, and we have to live under the grave ...".  Prejudices are firmly rooted in our thinking: to make life more fun, street names should be light and bright, "Solnechnaya", "Yablochnaya", "Malinovaya", for example, and not named after V.Podmogilny, unknown to us at that time. More...


We truly thank everyone who supported our library during the year!

Especially to our numerous donators, whose respectful attitude to the book contributed to the qualitative replenishment of our collections.
More than 1000 scientific and fiction publications have appeared on the bookshelves thanks to governmental organizations, local institutions and individuals. More...


November 17 is International Students' Day

1 On the occasion of International Students' Day, the staff of Oles Honchar Scientific Library heartily congratulate our dear students!

We wish you success in science, creativity, initiatives, good mood, optimism and self-realization!

Easy exams and understanding teachers! This holiday brings together and unites young people from all over the world, because, first of all, it is the day of student solidarity that has no boundaries More...


Tourist Ukraine: an unexplored country

2The routine of our life reinforces the desire to travel. Changing circumstances, getting new impressions from what we saw, we perceive in a different way this bright, original world that surrounds us.

      The reading room of social sciences and humanities offers an illustrative exhibition: "Tourist Ukraine: an unexplored country to your attention. We hope it will interest you and you will be able to go on a virtual trip with the picturesque landscapes of Ukraine, where there are many truly unique places where you can spend your summer vacation. More...


Nikolai Prokopovich Vasilenko, Minister of Education and Arts

What do you know about Nikolai Prokopovich Vasilenko, Minister of Education and Arts, who on August 20, 1918 approved the first Charter of Katerinoslav University (now Oles Honchar Dnipro National University).The chairman of the Council of Ministers in the government of Hetman P. Skoropadsky and at the same time acting minister of education and arts, in difficult years of the Ukrainian Revolution, he took care of completing the construction of St.Vladimir Kiev University library, for which he allocated 500 thousand rubles from the state budget. More...



1In early April, the scientific library together with the university community celebrate the birthday of a prominent Ukrainian writer, a graduate of Dnipro National University Oles Terentiyovych Honchar. He was born in Cossack Lomivka on the banks of the Dnieper. It is here that his literary fame began, from here his novels "Modry Stone", "Spring of Morava", "Singer", essay "Graduate Student" and the novel "Flag bearers" left for the world. The creative heritage of the writer is widely represented in the university book collections. The Department of Fiction keeps more than 400 copies of the author's books. The three-volume edition of Oles Honchar's diaries reveals the writer's identity in more detail. More...



1"Books have a destiny" - this epigraph accompanies five issues of the "Catalogue of Old Printed Books", compiled by Evgeny Saminsky, the head of the department of rare books of the scientific library of Dnipro National University. A book is a source of knowledge, human memory and wisdom of thinkers. Among the vast book treasures created by mankind since the beginning of book printing, the ancient ones have a special value - the editions of the 16th - the beginning of the 19th century. The scientific library of our university, having a multimillion collection of multidisciplinary content, preserves unique old printed books published at different times in different countries in different languages.


3On March 6, a regular meeting of the Women's Academy club took place. The theme of the meeting was Chocolate Temptation. Chocolate is so various, but it is always delicious and it is a precious gift to all humanity. Now it is at the peak of its popularity, so this topic is interesting to most people. The participants' stories about the history of chocolate origin, about its healthy and unhealthy properties and about types of chocolate were very interesting to the audience. Chocolate products are surprisingly attractive and varied: sweets, chocolate drinks, chocolate bars and cakes - all these cause gastronomic ecstasy! More...


World Rivers Day

1March 14 is World Rivers Day. The initiator of this event was the American environmental organization International Network of Rivers. The main goal of the holiday is to unite the efforts of people around the world to protect river ecosystems. By this date the scientific literature department prepared the exhibition “Preservation of Natural Heritage”, which presents literature in various fields: protection and preservation of Ukraine’s water resources, history and hydrobiology of small rivers, water, aquaculture and others. More...


We celebrate Maslyana and meet spring!

1 The tradition to celebrate Maslyana (Pancake week) dates back to ancient times when our ancestors connected the beginning of the new year with the agricultural calendar and welcomed joyfully the long-awaited spring days. The tradition of baking pancakes is associated with this holiday because pancakes' shape and colour are like the caressing sun.
The Reading Room of Social Science and Humanities prepared a special installation and a book exhibition dedicated to this holiday where readers and guests of the library can look through literature on local history, national peculiarities of Ukrainian holidays and customs of celebrating the Pancake Week, find various recipes of pancakes, varenyki and dumplings. Більше...



We express our sincere gratitude to Baysar Lyudmila Ivanovna, director of the Regional Center for Foreign Languages of Dnipro National University for donating a new book by John McCain and Mark Salter "The Restless Wave" (2020) and an interesting publication "Women who light the dark" by American author Paola Gianturco. More...


Take part in the charity event "Give the library a new book."

Your charity will help to update the library collection, to familiarize users with the latest books on various branches of knowledge and interesting fiction.
If you are the author of a new book, do not forget about the library where your creative achievements will be stored and will find recognition among readers.
Donations are  received in Readers servicing department and in The Fiction Department
     Address: Kazakova Street, 8, room 110, room 306.

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