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War through the eyes of witnesses

World War II ... It came to Ukraine on June 22, 1941, 80 years ago. In fact, this is a long period of time - the life of a whole generation. The events of those turbulent years are moving away from us and become like myths and legends. In order to find out the real history, one must turn to "oral history", that is, to the memories of witnesses of historical events, to their experiences, views and beliefs. They are recorded in collections of archival documents, letters, diaries, photographs and memoirs of World War II participants.
Such publications are presented at the exhibition "War through the Eyes of Witnesses". They are the catalogue of "Letters from the Front" from the funds of the Historical Museum, documents from the times of occupation in Dnipropetrovsk region, testimonies of Ukrainian prisoners of the Mauthausen concentration camp, materials and memories on persecution and murder of gypsies, the massacre of civilians in Babi Yar; the memories of a Ukrainian woman, the famous American embroidery artist Anna Kulchitskaya, about the misadventures in German captivity; a collection of photographs from the funds of the Museum "Memory of the Jewish People and the Holocaust in Ukraine" entitled "New Nazi order " in the cities of Ukraine" and many others. All these documents testify to the life and struggle of Ukrainians during the Second World War. These are the most reliable documents of the era.
Read, study photos, feel the emotions of people caught in extraordinary historical circumstances and you will learn the real history of the war.

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