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On March 6, a regular meeting of the Women's Academy club took place. The theme of the meeting was Chocolate Temptation. Chocolate is so various, but it is always delicious and it is a precious gift to all humanity. Now it is at the peak of its popularity, so this topic is interesting to most people. The participants' stories about the history of chocolate origin, about its healthy and unhealthy properties and about types of chocolate were very interesting to the audience. Chocolate products are surprisingly attractive and varied: sweets, chocolate drinks, chocolate bars and cakes - all these cause gastronomic ecstasy! The stories were illustrated by a thematic exposition, where we can highlight particularly interesting publications: “Spices” by a Slovak author Anton Shado, “New Year's Cookbook” by Hector Jimenez-Bravo, and of course, “Cakes” by Z.I. Pashuk. And what a conversation about chocolate without tasting your favorite treat! Several varieties of chocolates became a pleasant end to the meeting. With a cup of tea, club members and guests talked about their preferences in the world of chocolate, shared their impressions and a warm spring mood.

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