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Nikolai Prokopovich Vasilenko, Minister of Education and Arts

What do you know about Nikolai Prokopovich Vasilenko, Minister of Education and Arts, who on August 20, 1918 approved the first Charter of Katerinoslav University (now Oles Honchar Dnipro National University).The chairman of the Council of Ministers in the government of Hetman P. Skoropadsky and at the same time acting minister of education and arts, in difficult years of the Ukrainian Revolution, he took care of completing the construction of St.Vladimir Kiev University library, for which he allocated 500 thousand rubles from the state budget.
His fate was tragic, as was the fate of 23 Ukrainian ministers from 1917-1921 - ten years of imprisonment on suspicion of espionage and counter-revolutionary activities and the following rehabilitation in 1991 for lack of evidence.
Read about tragic stories of repressed Ukrainian ministers in the collection of archival documents "Woe to the Defeated. Repressed Ministers of the Ukrainian Revolution".
By the way, ask your relatives about the history of your family - perhaps you will learn secrets of the past.

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