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«Better to be ahead than to catch up»

Michael Yangel

Mikhail Kuzmich Yangel was born 110 years ago, on November 7 (October 25), 1911. He the first head and chief designer of Yuzhnoye Design Office, which now is named after him. Several classes and generations of strategic combat missiles have been created under his leadership. When designing, it was supposed to use them as carriers of spacecraft, which led to the appearance of artificial earth satellites ("Cosmos", "Cyclone", "Zenith"). Mikhail Kuzmich created his own scientific and design school in Dnepropetrovsk. Yangel is the legend of our city. Here's what people said about him:

«Where the interests of the case were decided, M.K. Yangel became tough, principled and unshakable».

Boris Gubanov, Doctor of Technical Sciences

«Mikhail Kuzmich liked to say: to draw a project and think that we have already done something means death.  The main is ahead».
«With such a chief designer as Yangel, I will go even to the world's end».

Alexander Makarov, Director of Yuzhmash

«It is necessary to write about Yangel so that every word sounds like a melody of a rocket leaving from the start».

Vladimir Platonov, writer

«People like Yangel create the era, the greatness of the country. They create what the other can not create».

Boris Paton, academician

You can find out even more about this outstanding person from the numerous books in the funds of the scientific library.

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