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"He built a whole city the size of Dneprodzerzhinsk ... he built the best Ice Palace in the country ... he finally created the world's best launch vehicles for the nuclear shield of the Motherland ... he worked very hard for sixty out of his eighty years, and received an ordinary pension." These words about A.Makarov are written in the article of Vsevolod Kopeiko, the head of the press center of Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant.
A man whose surname was unknown for a long time, but with whom both Nikita Khrushchev and Mikhail Gorbachev consulted. The legendary director of the domestic rocket industry, the brilliant organizer of a specific production, Alexander Maksimovich Makarov, was at the origin of the birth of the first Dnipropetrovsk rocket developed by Korolev, which was called the "unit".
September 12 marks the 115th anniversary of the birth of the General Director of Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant, an honorary citizen of our city, Laureate of Lenin and State Prizes, twice Hero of Socialist Labour, Honored Machine Builder of Ukraine, Knight of the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, Alexander Makarov. For his 100th birthday, Vsevolod Kopeiko published a chronicle book "The Portrait without retouching." This is a portrait of not only the main character of the story - Alexander Makarov, but also a portrait of that era and the legendary Yuzhmash plant.
The book contains the memories of people who worked with Makarov over the years. Everyone talks about him in their own way, but everyone emphasizes that he was a unique person and a talented leader. The book is written with deep respect for A.Makarov.
In the same year, the writer and journalist Vladimir Platonov in the biography book "Makarov" found and published archival documents still unknown to the general public, in particular, concerning the trial of Makarov and his two-year stay in the Stalinist concentration camp. Personal meetings and conversations with Alexander Maksimovich, his colleagues, friends and daughter Elena Larionova, who helped in the selection of photographs from the family archive, became important. In the memory of the author of the book, Alexander Makarov remained like this:
"I don't know who gave him this nickname. But everyone respectfully called him Grandfather. This is such a grandfather who does not sleep himself and does not let do it to others. He walked around the plant, flew to training grounds, and was on business trips for four or five months. In general, he was a very kind person. He never kept evil."
We invite everyone to the library who wants to learn more about the history of rocketry in our city and about the world-famous and charismatic person - Alexander Makarov.

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