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"Bright creativity of a short life"

We invite everyone to visit the exhibition of Sasha Putrya's paintings "Bright creativity of a short life" where you can enjoy and feel the world through paintings. Talented girl artist Sasha Putrya was born on December 2, 1977 in a creative family. Her father is an artist and her mother is a musician. Raised on a fertile creative ground, the girl developed quickly, surprising both parents and friends - artists.
At the age of three, she was already holding a pencil and a brush well in her hands and was drawing without stopping, often covering everything with paints. «When I grow up», she said at the time, «I will definitely become an artist and paint from morning till night. Even at night». Sasha Putrya lived only 11 years. During her short life she created 2280 drawings and compositions, as well as many portraits and cartoons in sketchbooks. She drew book graphics, greeting cards, architectural and animalistic pictures, made minting, wood-burning paintings, works from plasticine. In addition, Sasha left technical drawings, which, according to her plan, could help adults reach the moon and make the asphalt surface without cracks.
Sasha Putrya is known all over the world as a talented artist. Since 1989, 120 of her solo exhibitions have taken place in 10 countries. A postal envelope, a stamp, and a series of her drawings were issued in Austria with a picture of Sasha. Five documentaries were filmed about Sasha. There is a memorial plaque on the wall of the kindergarten where she was brought up. There is also a museum of Sasha. A children's art gallery named after Sasha Putrya has been opened in Poltava, where children's drawing competitions are held under the auspices of the Foundation for Gifted and talented Children . And since 2005 these competitions have become international.
Sasha Putrya was awarded (posthumously(sad) the Gold Medal of Christ the Savior "For a life worthy of a man", 1998; the Order of St. Nicholas the Wanderer "For bringing peace on Earth", 2001; an ancient icon in a silver framework "Christ Almighty", 2001; the National Prize of the Indian Children's Association "Neru Bal Samiti" (Neru Bal Samiti) - "Kala Shree Award" (Kala Shree Award), 2001. Sasha's bright drawings impress with their thirst for life, thirst to dream, create, give love to family and friends. They convey a variety of colurs and immerse us in a dreamy childhood.We can see amazing images. The philosophy of an extremely talented adult is traced in them. When you look at her paintings it seems you see the universe. The way Sasha understood life, how she perceived the Universe, how she demonstrated it through her paintings is impressive. The paintings created by the artist seem to move us to the world of goodness, harmony and beauty.
Sasha immersed herself with interest in different epochs and cultures. Among the drawings of the young artist you can find "Anna Yaroslavna – the Queen of France", "A Spanish woman ", "An Egyptian woman" ... Unexpectedly India ppeared in her drawings. She loved this country with all her heart . With the help of bright colours Sashenka skillfully conveyed the traditions of the Indian people and their identity. We can see dozens of portraits of the handsome Mithun Chakraborty, an actor from the Indian movie "Disco Dancer", the dancing Shiva, Indira Gandhi, Indian boys and girls in love, Indian movie star Rekha, a self-portrait in the form of a six-armed goddess ... She outlines her pets caressing them with a brush: funny chickens, kittens, puppies. The beautiful creations, born in Sasha's charming imagination remained a touching revelation of pure childlike trust and tenderness to "our younger brothers". Harmony of relations between people and nature is Sasha's commandment. "Puppy Bimochka", "Cat - a fisherman", "Dog Nick and kitten Tyshka in their palace", "Animal Holiday".
«If people have holidays, then animals should have them too!», Sasha thought. Princes, kings, valiant and just knights fill her album, and in this community she is a princess with a crown, beautiful and kind. Sasha's features are easily guessed in the image of the sleeping beauty. «It's when I'm small. It was a starry night without the moon, and that's why I have such big eyes», she said. It is not difficult for us to catch deep suffering and sorrow for our Earth in these huge eyes.
An unexpected serious illness broke into a happy quiet life. But Sasha does not give up. Only now she has her consciousness gone beyond the earth existence. God, galaxies, planets and constellations, aliens, UFOs - that's where the worried soul reached for salvation. These are the drawings of another Sasha, the one who fights for the right to life from day to day. The whole family is united by a common misfortune, courageously guarding every breath of the child. Rumors of unusual drawings spread, and soon two of her solo exhibitions took place.
The more time passes, the more value Sasha's works get for people, the deeper the true reality of goodness, beauty and wisdom is revealed through them. We invite everyone to visit the wonderful exhibition of the incredible, talented Sasha Putrya.

The exhibition is held from August 30, 2021 in the Scientific Library of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University at: Dnipro, Kazakova Street, 8.
The exhibition is open: from 9.00 - 16.45 from Monday to Friday.
Saturday and Sunday are days off.
Phone for inquiries: 098 66 18 802
The organizers of the exhibition are the Dnipropetrovsk City Roerich Society and Oles Honchar DNU Scientific Library.

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