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Maestro of Ukrainian cinema

 Leonid Bykov is a talented actor, a favourite actor of millions of viewers. He did so much, and he did not have time to do so much. He did not get a decent official recognition, but he won the hearts of millions of grateful fans of his acting talent. We remember Petya Mokin from "The Tiger's Tamer", Maxim Perepelitsa, a good-for-nothing, but kind and cheerful guy. And, of course, we remember the squadron commander Titarenko from the beloved movie "Only Old Men Are Going To Battle." In 2018, the great Maestro would have turned 90. By the anniversary of the beloved actor, the department of scientific literature prepared a small exhibition of books dedicated to his life and work. We would like to detail the book by Tatyana Vlasyuk, Honored Journalist of Ukraine, Editor-in-Chief of the "Poradnitsya" newspaper. The book "Poradnitska Gostina" is stories from the lives of outstanding, talented and successful Ukrainians told in a form of interview. One of them is Volodymyr Talashko, an actor, a People's Artist of Ukraine, whose famous phrase "Let us live!" was heard from the mouth of his movie hero-pilot. In a conversation with Tatyana Vlasyuk he recalls shooting the film and talked about teamwork with Leonid Fedorovich. The book has Talashko's inscription devoted to the 100th anniversary of the university and the library.




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