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   A woman is a mystery which men can not solve for centuries. But as most representatives of the fair sex believe, they do not need to be solved – it is just enough to love and to take care of them. It already became a wonderful tradition to give women flowers on the International Women's Day. What do we know about flowers? They are beautiful plants that accompany a person at all stages of his life. Different kinds of flowers have different symbols - confession in love, manifestations of loyalty, friendship, respect, and even memory. Cultivating and growing flowers began more than 4 thousand years ago in Egypt. Flowers have their own symbolism.
Rose is a symbol of love, hyacinth means sadness, poppy is youth and beauty, peony gives health and longevity.
You can find out more about flowers, their language, conditions of cultivation and peculiarities of flower composition by visiting the exhibition entitled "Flower Extravaganza" prepared by the Department of Scientific Literature for the Women's Holiday. These are more than 20 interesting and informative books on decorative gardening, floral etiquette and floral art in various techniques. There are alsotwo more exhibitions presented in the department of Scientific Literature - "Ukrainian painting" and "According to the laws of art". They show flowers in paintings by Ukrainian and foreign artists such as Aleksey Shovkunenko, Yevhen Leshchenko, Katerina Bilokur, Sergey Shapovalov, Alexander Murashko, Martiros Saryan, Auguste Renoir and many others. Visit the library and enjoy the bright and charming floral fairy tale.

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